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Optea for Lift

“Optea for lift“ gathers our sensors, our light curtains, our safety, command and standard control units for lift automation and access control in vertical transportation.

Optea S.r.l., is successfully active on the European market
since more than 20 years as specialist manufacturer of
sensors and electronic components for home automation.

Optea is an Italian modern company but with solid handcrafted experience, that manages to combine innovation with tradition and competence with flexibility.
Optea is your reliable supplier for terms and conditions, has long experience and specialized knowledge to guarantee both the constant quality of its products and the reliability of proposed solutions at the best price/performance ratio.

Strong partnerships let us take up the challenge with volumes
and production costs, our good optic and electronic design skills
as well as our aptitude to live and solve the application problems
make us to realise successful and often innovative products.

Optea is always at Customer disposal to design special sensors
and electronic devices for home automation also for small
amount and, on request, can easily customize its own standard
products with Customer logo and trademark.


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Reliability and Quality

These are the fundamental elements for creating products for the protection and safety of moving parts.

In particular, applications on lifts must be made extremely carefully in order to ensure people's safety...


Type approval

All the products are designed and created in compliance with current standards.

The company owns the necessary equipment for running all tests ...


For any information please call Us +39 051 6650071
or send a fax to +39 051 6650028

OPTEA S.r.l.
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