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Radio kit for remote calling

The Radio kit system is composed by one or more radio receivers with relay outputs that can be connected
in parallel to the button’s kit of floor call and or to the panel keyboard inside the elevator’s cabin and by
miniature hand-held 433 MHz radiotransmitter.

The remote controls are stored in the receiver with self-
teaching function.

The high level of immunity to radio interferences used in this technology, ensures a performing distance range in each using condition.

This system allows the remote control of elevators also for passengers with handicap.

Technical specifications Radio receiverTop

  • Power supply 12-24 Vdc
  • Consumption 50 mA
  • Radio range 100 m in aria libera / in open space
  • Protection degree IP 44


Receiver ConnectionsTop

+ Vdc / Gnd (0V) - Relay OUT (COM / N.C./N.O.)

How to order (31 users base)Top

  • BOX 11 Channel receiver for up to 31 users max
  • BOX 22 Channels receiver for up to 31 users max
  • MICRO 11 Channel receiver from 31 to 500 users
  • MICRO 22 Channels receiver from 31 to 500 users
  • TM 126126 Users Micro memory expander
  • TM 500500 Users Micro memory expander
  • TWIN R2 Channel radio Transmitter at 433 MHz
  • TWIN2 Channel radio transmitter with Proximity TAG inside
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