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Security photoelectric kit with 1,2 or 4 thru beam sensors and remote amplifier

IRK kit is particularly suitable as access protection of elevators and automatic doors especially for cost-
effective applications.

The kit is composed by a junction box that, according to the model, can use from 1 to 4 built-in photoelectric sensors, with easy snap-in insertion in 13 mm holes, self-locking and small
outer overall dimensions.

The junction box is to assembly on the elevator’s roof and contains thee amplification electronics and the NO-NC double relay cascade output to improve safety.

In 511 version, developed for simpler applications, the amplifier uses one only transmitter-receiver beam.

In 229 version the amplifier uses 2 beams with higher safety criteria thanks to the redundant circuitry that guarantees protection also if a component breaks.

In 443 version the amplifier uses up to 4 beams and has a self-regulation of the photoelectric sensor sensitivity level. This version covers the worst operative conditions (dust, reflections) in auto-regulation and is particularly suitable for panoramic elevators and special plant also in outdoor and in presence of strong electro-magnetic interferences.

Technical specificationsTop

  • Power supply 10-30 Vdc
  • Consumption 50 mA + 10 mA
  • Max. range 6 m
  • Protection degree IP30
  • Relay output COM- NO-NC ( 0,5A - 24Vdc)
  • Sensor cable lenght 5 + 5 m


Amplifier 122 x 78 x 31 mm
Thru beam sensor dia. 13 x 20 mm

How to orderTop

IRK 511 Kit photelectric sensor at 1 ray (amplifier + 1 sensor)

IRK 229 Kit photelectric sensor at 2 rays (amplifier + 2 sensors)

IRK 443Kit photelectric sensor at 4 rays (amplifier + 4 sensors)

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