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Interface box for lift call with relay output

The interface box Easy call is the heart of a system that enables only authorized people to the elevator’s use and takes advantage of different technologies (proximity, biometric and keypad).

The Easy call box with the series of suitable accessories become a complete system of floor call for elevators, in apartment building or professional offices when is required an access control or an automatic call with user recognition. The interface box has from 6 up to 38 relay outputs for the same number of buttons in the panel elevator.

Each output can be programmed separately to work in mono-stable mode (temporary closing) or bi-stable (ON-OFF). Programming is easy and can be self-teaching.

Technical specificationsTop

  • Power supply 12-24 Vdc
  • Consumption 80 mA + 15 mA / Relay ON
  • Box protection degree IP30
  • Users 60/200 max
  • Relay Outputs From 6 up to 38
  • Response Time 1 s.
  • Box Dimensions: (EASY CALL – EASY RELAY) 122 x 78 x 31 mm


EASY CALL - + 12 Vdc / Gnd (0V) - Relay OUT (COM / N.C./N.O.)

How to orderTop

EASY CALL Interface and Memo Box for 60 Wiegand codes and 6 relay outputs
EASY RELAY Expansion box with 8 more relay
EASY KEYBOARD VK Anti-Vandal Keyboard
EASY FINGER WGDFingerprint Reader
EASY PROXIMITY X2 Anti-Vandal Proximity Reader
EASY CARD X2 Card for X2 Proximity Reader
EASY KEY X1E Key for X2 Proximity Reader

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