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Stand alone biometric fingerprint reader

The Bio-Lift biometric reader is dedicated to the safety control of floor call in modern elevators.

The reader allows the storage of 2000 digital fingerprints and/or keyboard pin codes.

The control can be performed on fingerprint only or on pin code or on both of them.

The reader gives vocal confirmation of the positive or negative user recognition giving a NO-NC relay output on the rear connector.

Technical specificationsTop

  • Power supply 12 Vdc ( 230 Vac adapter)
  • Consumption 2 W
  • Protection degree IP30
  • Fingerprint storage 2.000 max
  • Response Time 1 s.
  • Dimensions 140 x 19 x 30 mm


+ 12 Vdc / Gnd (0V) - Relay OUT (COM / N.C./N.O.)

How to order

  • BIO LIFT Stand Alone Biometric Reader plus Keyboard with relay output for up to 2.000 USERS
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