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ST 100

Thru beam photoelectric security sensor with built in amplifier

The ST 100 thru beam photoelectric sensor composed of miniature transmitter and receiver, stand alone and fully embedded amplified, is the best safety protection for automatic doors when assembly space is extremely reduced. Cable connection, snap-in on 13 mm holes with self-locking and particularly compact outer lens profile make easy and fast the installation in the elevator doors.

The operative range can be selected by a third wire on the transmitter that, if connected to earth, can double the photoelectric sensor nominal optical range.

The photoelectric sensor realized in ABS, with IP67 protection, is particularly immune from external light and electro-magnetic interferences, therefore it can be used in very hard environmental conditionsas well in outdoor applications.

Technical specificationsTop

  • Power supply 10-30 Vdc
  • Consumtion 25 mA
  • Selectable Max. range 5 – 10 m
  • Output 24 Vdc 100mA max.
  • Protection degree IP67
  • Light immunity 50.000 lux
  • Dimensions 12.5 x 45 mm


Transmitter: + Vdc / Gnd (0V) / Range
Receiver: + Vdc / Gnd (0V) / OUT

How to orderTop

  • ST 100 NCNPN sensor with normally CLOSED output
  • ST 100 NO NPN sensor with normally OPEN output
  • ST 100 PC PNP sensor with normally CLOSED output
  • ST 100 POPNP sensor with normally OPEN output
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